Lome anchorage has been transformed into a Ship To Ship zone since 2010. Indeed this change brought economic breaths to shipping companies and raised issues to Togolese Army. However the Togo gouvernment, willing to keep this change as long as possible and offer a secured zone for trans-shipments, has implemented a lot of security measures. This was for the purpose of mainly offering a heightened protection to vessels calling offshore Lome against any type of threat.

In doing so, Togo Gouvernment has given to very selected and restricted companies the privilege to cooparate directly with Togolese armed forces where local security personnel comprising of an elite brigate of GILAT, NAVY & GENDARMERIE are deployed on board vessels for creating a 360° bubble protection.

SAMHOLLANDIA TOGO is a dedicated local security company, ever ready to support you to implement a full protection of your vessels, crews and cargoes during their stay in trouble waters of Togo. SAMHOLLANDIA TOGO is pleased to support you in Togo, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria & Ivory Coast.